Dig That Gold - Secret Mines
Ian maclure as dtg secretmine screenshot01

in-engine mockup for asset testing, everything is unlit.

Ian maclure as dtg secretmine render01

These where the completely new assets created for the Secret Mine. The barrels and crates where retextured from other levels of the game.

Ian maclure as dtg secretmine tokens

The pickup tokens FX used in the level

Ian maclure as dtg secretmine randomizer

Worn paint, cobwebs and orientation are all randomised in the level.

Dig That Gold - Secret Mines

Secret Mines are bonus levels the player unlocks through finding hidden map pieces in the main levels. In the secret mines players must collect tokens against the clock to unlock chests of increasing value.

I created the pickup tokens and effects for the first iteration of the secret mines, and then for a later update, I created a complete visual overhaul of the mines. Working on completely new environment assets and systems to make the Secret Mines more rewarding and interesting. This included a system where blocks would have their material and cobwebs randomised, and guiding implementation of the new assets.

You can download Dig that Gold on iOS now:

More artwork
Ian maclure as dtg realtimevfx iconIan maclure as dtg supplycrates icon